In Motion

by The Run Up

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Argonought These guys, have really found something special with their craft. I really really cannot recommend this enough, this is some real music coming from some Major talent from my home town! these songs are very well written, and crafted. I love this record. The songs, the production make this the perfect record for any true fan of this genre. These fine young chaps make music, and it’s real hard grafted, technical & also fun. Jump up scream shout and throw your everyday into it. Favorite track: ADAC.
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ALostBackpack Punk has always been the only genre that can really speak to me and this is one of those albums that seems to have turned my feelings into music. Favorite track: Portraits.
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Portraits 03:19
Grip 03:20
Sick of humans today, so let down by these dark jokes about our condition. Never really done enough to work at anything for myself. Fingers not quite strong enough. I don’t want to be inside anymore. I’d give this another year, never know where it might take your wandering feet. So many places we’ve got left to go. All we need to do is keep riding our own waves. Eventually we get to deeper meaning, still finding ways to fuck this up and let you all down again. Try not to wallow. Are my fingers not strong enough?
Came across this notebook just the other day, now we’re using it for our own plans On the other side notes for our first trip, so excited to leave the everyday behind. Remember the hours we spent making tapes and mix CDs? We always planned our drives around where we wanted to eat. And all this seems like several lives ago, I saw you just the other day. My heart still skips from joy we shared, I know that you’re still scared I know as you were, I knew you as you were. We were with a new friend who got you straight away, saw the sadness in your eyes from not knowing who you were or wanted to be. Be careful not to let what you don’t do define you. This will always run deep, through sun and storms and mud, shared experiences, doing it cos we could.
Discetion 02:53
We haven’t known each other that long; this has to be the most confidence I’ve seen you show. Especially after all the words that were never said, replaying every moment in my head. Finding fault again, looking for the best. Upright keeping us moving, can’t fail to notice… There’ll be times when I can’t smile and pretend. Finding fault again, looking for the best. Upright keeping us moving… So where does it go from here? We know this is our final fling, one more time like you mean it, one more time like we mean it. Upright keeping us moving can’t fail to notice the love you have for this. Upright keeping us moving can’t fail to notice the heart you give to this. Maybe everyone knows everything and I’m so wrong.
Sunsets 03:23
‘He’s the evil one!’ you screamed, drunk and frightened and you haven’t even seen what I can do. All I’ve ever done is say exactly why I don’t want you around. Back then it was nothing personal but now it couldn’t be more. There are too many things I know now. I can understand you might wish all of this was yours. Admitting jealousy is such a hard step to take, looking for the cause. This isn’t yours. We didn’t deserve to be used as your plaything, a chip to be used in your games.
Check 03:31
Selfish, self-satisfied. Even on the most important day of my life you couldn’t resist it, what did you think you had to gain? That behaviour just four days later, all part of your plan? Did you get what you wanted? Chain your worthless hearts together, shackles forged in isolation, this fear will find its way out one day. Snaring, snarling. Based too much on preconceptions, now you’ve seen what it looks like. Try to undermine what you can never have.
Sticky 03:12
Let’s get started with some excuses: it hadn’t been the easiest week, the easiest night. We’d been so excited, told all our friends to come out, looked forward to seeing them there, somewhere we never thought we’d ever be. Quickly we learned what we’d been told was so wrong. ‘Nothing we can do, who even are you?’ All we wanted was to play our songs so loud, those last few weeks had been our best. Never going to recover from that blow to our confidence, masked it with anger. Reach for a bottle, reach for another it’s all we’ve got to show from this night. As the night wore on, more of me had gone, scallywag spirit for the first time in a good long time. Still spilling from pint glasses, in everybody’s face for the first time in a good long time. I never meant to do that, went way too far, my stomach dropped right out, when I realised what I’d done.
Shields Up 03:24
Did you drink too much? Did it end in misery? Was it just circumstance that brought you here? Was it more convenient? Cos if you’re not interested, you can’t have it both ways. Shields up! We always want to hide behind our protector. Always hiding right behind our protector. Now every conversation starts with remember when. This goes out to the doers, the ones who make things happen. It’s been so long since I can even lay claim to any kind of effort. If you’re not gonna make friends, I’m not gonna make you. Play it over and over again. Let every word seep into your bloodstream, maybe we could share this, what more could you want?
Shady 03:01
Spite and sadness must run deep, finding reserves of energy, to take the time to let everybody know you think we’re shady. Such deep emotional investment in people that you don’t even know. It’s making you look sad now, as if you’ve had something stolen from you. When it looks like the other way around maybe only three of you will ever know. You didn’t want it public, but you seethe with this anger. You made us laugh so hard, we were having the best time. Sad for and tired of you, what else might you stoop to? What else could you stop to? Maybe time’s come to end all of this now.
Light It Up 02:29
This is amazing, you turn to me and grin and the room lights up around you. I’ll go where you go, put all of my faith in you. You’ve shown me more of the world than I thought I’d ever see, happy to be anywhere. If we can’t give everything right at this moment we’d better stop it and think about why we’re here at all. All I ever wanted was to see more, to hear more, to feel more and I’ve got a sense that the others won’t be left out this time. I’ve got that separation style, find every excuse to wander off, be apart from everyone, got time for anyone.
The Run Up 03:38
Take good care to get your feet right, we’ll only get one chance at this so if you’d rather wait, we can start again from the beginning next time. Standing at the top of our mark, make sure you stride it out. Feels so good to have momentum, transfer potential energy. I see you wavering, you never had it like this. But still you can’t explain it to the ones you’re closest to. And if you can’t say anything, how you gonna work together for the rest. Layers of denial, we hope you work it out. When you walk away, we won’t say anything.
ADAC 03:58
Haven’t slept again, it’s been a few nights, put my own weights around and down my neck. Feel my voice wear thin, nerves completely frayed, I’ve become so scared I won’t talk to strangers. Can’t shake this feeling, failing all the time, can’t shake this feeling. Remember why we’re here: sweat with me for this one, scream with me for this one. I’m so glad you’re here I can’t stomach confrontation, like when he pulled that screwdriver I wanted to disappear. Never been more thankful. I’m so glad you’re here cos there’s no one’s smile I’d rather see, when I need every bit of courage I can drag out of me. And I know you’ve got so much going on at home waiting there for you. We’ll get back there, but now we’re here, we’re breaking through these walls. Loving this feeling, together all the time, loving this feeling. Remember why we’re here: sweat with me for this one, scream with me for this one.


released October 3, 2019


all rights reserved



The Run Up Bristol, UK

The Run Up are a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Bristol (UK) who have carved out a strong reputation in their homeland UK scene, on the basis of their fun, energetic and passionate live shows.

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